New Kid

Our newest kid arrived and we named him “Dark Star”. Of course, we name all our kids after Dead tunes, but we learned a while ago to be careful… The names put a label on their destinies. We had to learn that the hard way. Samson, our stud buck, literally pushed down a wall to the barn one day trying to get to his feed storage. So we have been careful ever since.

For example, Cosmic Charley was a preemie, but not only did he survive, but went on to bring brilliant rays of sunshine to the residents of the hospice care when we brought him with during a visit to see Laurie’s mom. It was literally cosmic the way he brought so much joy and life to those whose last days were all too imminent.

Of course, Dark Star had to earn his name as well…

Dark Star the newest kid in the herd

Time For Baby Goats

With the sun setting low in the cool February night, it started with Laurie seeing Delilah jogging off to the barn. She could tell just by her gait that the labor was starting. I don’t know how she knew by that but sure enough, the kid(s?) were on the way. As soon as I got there, yep, the first signs were showing. In our case, our birthing station is actually the downstairs bathroom. It is much easier to deal with everything there, and in this case, that proved completely prescient. Normally cautious, after all, the house is where the dogs live, Delilah went with us no problem. 

A couple hours in, the process began in earnest, but I was shocked to see a little tail come out first. Our first breech. A second of panic sets in. Are we ready for this? Definitely not, but failure is not an option when lives are on the line. Gently as possible, I coaxed him out, trying my best not to force anything but knowing time is of the essence. A few tense moments passed. Don’t want to break him, tear her, have a death on my hands. This late at night, out this far in the county, even an emergency vet would likely not be much help, if any. 

Life And Death

So we just had to do our best. Delilah was pushing, I was pulling, and he came out. He body was warm and clearing his face allowed him to draw breath immediately. Good so far. 

Only moments later, she passed the placenta, great, but that was quickly followed by a second one arriving, quickly and with minimal effort. Unfortunately, it was also dead on arrival. Tiny, but fully formed. I will never know if it was because it took longer for the first due to the breech, or something else. She was a little doe. I buried her by some beautiful deer ferns. 

Dark Star the newborn kid wrapped in blanket

New Kid On The Block

Dark Star earned his name a few ways. First, he finally came out when the stars started filling the night, but he was sort of a “dark horse”, a contender but a long shot since he started his race to life backwards. 

Here is to a healthy long life, Dark Star. Here is a wave goodbye to a sister he will never know. Here is to a doe who loves her kids so dearly. 

“Shall we go you and I while we can, through the transitive nightfall of diamonds”


The Clever Goats

Clever goats abound in folklore around the world… For good reason!

I have personally witnessed our goats figuring out how to open latches, remove walls when locked doors necessitated it, and learn how to climb ladders. 

This clever goat fable comes from Iran, where it is believed the first goats were domesticated thousands of years ago. 

two goat kids exploring the deck by the pond

Clever Goats

One traditional folktale from Iran involving goats is called “The Clever Goats.”

The story goes that a group of goats lived in a village at the foot of a mountain. One day, a terrible drought struck the village and all the grass and plants dried up, leaving the goats with nothing to eat. The goats were very hungry and decided to go to the mountain to find food.

When they reached the mountain, they saw a large field of delicious grass at the top. But the field was surrounded by a high wall, and there was no way for the goats to get in. The goats tried every way they could think of to get over the wall, but nothing worked.

Finally, one clever goat had an idea. He suggested that they all stand on each other’s backs and make a ladder, with the tallest goat at the top. The other goats liked this idea and they all worked together to make the ladder.

The tallest goat at the top of the ladder was able to reach over the wall and open the gate, allowing all the goats to enter the field and eat their fill. From that day on, the goats were no longer hungry and lived happily ever after.

The moral to this story… By working together to overcome obstacles and adversity, we achieve great things and live happily ever after!




Goats As Pets

Having goats as pets can be a unique and rewarding experience, but it also comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Iko the goat as a pet eating a xmas tree

The Benefits of Goats As Pets


  • Goats are social animals and enjoy the company of humans and other animals.
  • Goats can be trained to do tricks and can be quite intelligent.
  • Goats are known for their playful and curious nature, which can be entertaining for the whole family.
  • Goats are good foragers and can help control unwanted vegetation in a backyard or on a small farm.
  • Goats can be milked for fresh milk, which can be used for cooking or making cheese and other dairy products.

The Challenges of Goats As Pets


  • Goats require a significant amount of space to graze and roam. They also need adequate fencing to contain them.
  • Goats can be destructive and may eat plants that are not meant for them to eat, such as gardens or landscaping.
  • Goats can be noisy and may bleat loudly, which could be disruptive to neighbors.
  • Goats require regular hoof trimming and may need regular veterinary care.
  • Goats are herd animals, so it’s recommended to have at least two to keep them company.

More About Pet Goats

Additionally, having goats as pets also comes with legal obligation where you live , check your local laws and ordnance about keeping farm animal. In some places, it may require a permit and other rules to follow.

Good Luck

Overall, owning goats can be a fun and unique experience, but it also requires a significant commitment of time, space, and money. It’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons and make sure you are able to provide the necessary care and space for the goats before making the decision to bring them home as pets.

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