Iko walks in the parade

Little Iko, otherwise known as “the Prince” walked in the Gig Harbor Maritime Parade… sort of…

Iko the Prince of goats

The Gig Harbor Maritime Parade kicks off the summer with a parade through the gorgeous waterfront town. Different local businesses and community patrons create floats in celebration, passing by as sunbathing throngs cheer them on 

One float included the Key Peninsula Farm Tour and Harvest Festival. As one of the sites on this tour which occurs on October 1st and 2nd, Grateful Goat Farms brought little Iko in to represent. He was doing a great job. Kids as well as adults loved seeing him strut by, even allowing some petting along the way. 

Stopping to eat the blackberries

Of course, the presence of some blackberries on the side of the road proved easily distracting. And that is when things went off road so to speak. As the KP Harvest float drifted on ahead, we had to get Iko back to the task at hand. Some carrot chips helped, but after a snack, nothing beats a good nap…

Right in the middle of the road. 

Time to carry that load

At this point, there was no choice but to toss him up on the shoulders and carry him like the Prince he is. Totally comical to all except the one sweating underneath him of course. But all in the name of forward progress!

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